Royal Doctors service for enterpises

Is your company often faced with long waiting times for health care? Does your company have to battle with high costs due to sick leave or absence?
As a company, insurer, club, or community you can avoid these types of problems by using the ‘Royal Doctors Service’ – a straightforward, secondary service at a very competitive price.

Royal Doctors Service is offered on a per person, per year basis. The main advantage is that your customers, members, or staff can make use of our services thanks to YOU. ‘Royal Doctors Service’: Connecting People to the best Care! is a service that our members can call upon at any time they may want or need to.

After all, who better than Royal Doctors to help you find the right doctor when dealing with an (acute) medical problem?
Royal Doctors will gladly draw up a tailor-made solution for you.
Please visit our offices or have one of our employees pay you a personal visit to make you a tailor-made offer.