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Do you have medical questions and are you feeling out of your depth in the complex medical world? Are you looking for the right doctor who can take care of your medical needs? Would you like to get in touch with the best doctor without spending days or even weeks looking for this person? Are you having second thoughts about the information you read on certain websites? Or are you not sure about the proposed diagnosis or treatment?
Royal Doctors has the answer to all these questions. We will be your personal guide in the complex medical world!
Royal Doctor Members (€365/year) are granted unlimited access to our services:

Consultation service

If you don’t know who to consult about your issues, then we would be glad to be your personal guide.

For example: You have certain medical issues and would like these to be carefully looked at. Maybe you have already spoken to your GP about it, but would like to know more about which specialist could best help your problem.

It’s the perfect moment for Royal Doctors to be of service. We will show you the way.

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Second opinion service

You doubt the diagnosis or the proposed treatment, or you just want (a little more) certainty.

In that case, Royal Doctors can quickly and efficiently put you in contact with a doctor who can provide a second opinion.

For example: your GP has examined you and made a diagnosis.
For the majority of patients, an immediate course of treatment will be proposed.

It is perfectly normal that, as a patient, you will have questions about the diagnosis and/or would like more certainty.As a patient, you will no doubt have questions or perhaps wonder if there is another option OR, if better treatment is possible.
In that case, Royal Doctors can help you to quickly and efficiently get a second opinion.

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Second opinion

Treatment service

Which specialist would be best for the procedure I require?

Where can I find the best and most affordable medical care?

If you know the cause of your medical complaints, then you want affordable help. Sometimes the best procedure/treatment is not available near you. In that case, Royal Doctors can help.We will find the right doctor for you.

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