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Being confronted with a medical condition or obtaining an unexpected diagnosis are experiences that are extremely stressful. If you are ill there is nothing more important than making good choices and not losing any time. Because your health and that of your loved ones is the most important thing there is, you – as a member of Royal Doctors – will receive unlimited access to our services.

Do you have a general medical question?

You may still have a number of questions after consulting your physician. After all, medical jargon is not always easy to understand. Or perhaps you find it difficult to clearly assess the risks of an operation or type of treatment. Relying on “Doctor Google” is, in such a case, not the best solution! The internet is, as we know, chock-full of erroneous information. Your health is too important to discuss with a search engine. Our team of experts is at your disposal to answer your question to the best of their abilities so that you will obtain clear information immediately.

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You would like to consult a specialist without having to wait

You have a medical complaint and visit your general practitioner. Your GP has referred you to a specialist, but you may have to wait weeks or even months before you get an appointment.
If you have serious complaints and have to wait anxiously for an initial consultation at the hospital this can be nerve-racking indeed.
We make sure that you will be able to consult the right specialist within 6 working days. After all, a fast diagnosis and the right treatment often make a world of difference.

You would like a second opinion

If you already have a diagnosis and/or treatment plan, but still have some questions or doubts, you can always apply to Royal Doctors for a second opinion. After all, your recovery starts with your confidence in your attending physician and your faith in the treatment. A second opinion can be of tremendous benefit in such cases.
Following a meticulous analysis of your medical background we will organise an appointment with the specialist for you in no more than six working days. This will bring you peace of mind when you need to make important decisions in connection with your health.

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You have a complex medical file

Is your medical history one in which you were repeatedly sent from pillar to post? Has it been a complex and exhausting battle of medical examinations, inconsistent laboratory results and a diversity of diagnoses and medical opinions?
What you need is a holistic vision on your medical file. A multidisciplinary team of specialists joins forces to intensively go through your medical records, from start to finish. That is the power of Royal Doctors.

You want a second opinion from an international top-class physician

Would you like to appeal to a physician abroad who is an absolute authority in his or her specialist area? Royal Doctors has a network of over 1000 screened medical specialists in Europe. Following a thorough analysis of your medical situation Royal Doctors will select the specialist who is best suited for your personal situation, at both medical and personal level. Quickly, efficiently, professionally and personally. This will bring you tremendous relief.

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Royal Doctors

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  • Access to the best physicians

  • Short waiting times: be assured of an appointment with a specialist within 6 working days

  • Personalised and tailored to your situation

  • Satisfaction rate of 98.6%

Thanks to Royal Doctors I was able to come into contact with the very best thorax surgeon immediately.

This resulted in a bypass operation during which my chest did not need to be opened. Thanks to this fast and efficient referral my rehabilitation took only two weeks instead of four months.

Hubert Vossen

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