Second Opinion at a distance

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Second Opinion at a distance

Does the distance scare you or you are not able to travel? Don’t worry, Royal Doctors has the solution for you! It is called our second opinion from a distance.

How it works: We will request your medical file from your current doctor(s). Then we will send your file and all your personal questions to one of our doctors abroad, with respect for your privacy.

After 18 days (maximum) you will receive a written report from us, containing:
An analysis of your file and answers to all your questions.
Tips and advice from our specialist abroad.

Our service is fast, efficient, professional and personal. You can rest assured with Royal Doctors.

Pricing on request – Depending on your file.

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Thanks to a Second Opinion at a distance, the cause of my pain was discovered.

After a gallbladder operation I suffered from hellish pain. Various examinations and consultations with different doctors did not help. I appealed to the service “Second Opinion at a distance” from Royal Doctors. It showed that I had ACNES syndrome. After so many months a treatment could finally be proposed and I am now completely pain-free thanks to Royal Doctors.

Meike Combee


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