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Second Opinion Consult

If you already have a diagnosis and/or treatment plan, but still have some questions or doubts, you can always apply to Royal Doctors for a second opinion consultation. After all, your recovery starts with your confidence in your attending physician and your faith in the treatment. A second opinion can be of tremendous benefit in such cases.

Following a meticulous analysis of your medical background we will organise an appointment with the specialist for you in no more than six working days.

This will bring you peace of mind when you need to make important decisions in connection with your health.

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Royal Doctors - Mama Thomas

 Our son is now completely cured thanks to Royal Doctors.

When my young son Thomas was diagnosed with a brain tumour our entire world collapsed. The doctors proposed starting radiation therapy immediately. Knowing that brain damage is one of the risks associated with this type of treatment, we decided to appeal to Royal Doctors for a second opinion. Royal Doctors arranged for a consultation at a renowned hospital in Germany. This hospital proposed proton therapy; a treatment that was not available in Belgium or the Netherlands at that time. We are so incredibly grateful that we were able to apply to Royal Doctors for help. Our son is now completely cured.

(Thomas’ mother)


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