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tried everything, but nothing seems to work?

You have already undergone countless treatments, but nothing has helped. You increasingly have the sense that you’re a medical write-off, and you’re becoming desperate and despondent.
So is there really no solution left for you?

If Royal Doctors has yet to see your case, there’s still hope!under-line

  • In 75% of cases it turns out that there is still a solution for people whose treatment options are supposedly exhausted.
  • In 25% of cases there are no further medical solutions, but there may be solutions to increase your comfort.

What’s our approach?under-line

  • Our experienced doctors will examine every aspect of your case and determine what options are available to you.
  • We won’t string you along. If there really are no medical alternatives, we will say so.

6 most frequently asked questions for our Complex Care Solutions

All conditions. Very complex cases often involve a combination of different medical conditions. No problem at all. We’ll be happy to help.

From the moment we have received your complete medical file, it will be another 10 working days before you receive our opinion.

According to our analysis, 75% of our Complex Care patients affirm that we have indeed provided a solution to their problem.

Correct. For 25% of these patients, we don’t identify a concrete solution and simply confirm that their own doctor has already taken all the necessary steps. In other words: unfortunately, there are no further options for this patient.

Yes, we strongly recommend that you do so.
Hopefully, your doctor will engage with you to discuss any new treatment options.

In some situations we can understand that. Together with your doctor we will arrange a referral to a specialist facility.

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