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About Royal Doctors

Royal Doctors, your experienced guide in a complex medical world.
Royal Doctors has been bringing patients into contact with the right physician ever since 1999. We do this by making use of our national and international network of the best medical specialists. Thanks to our service, you will be able to have lifelong access to the best healthcare, with the shortest waiting times. Opting for Royal Doctors is opting for peace of mind. After all, Royal Doctors is there for you when you need this service most.
Would you like to receive medical assistance quickly and efficiently in the event that you become ill? Invest in the best medical care and become a member of Royal Doctors.

How can Royal Doctors be of service to you?

  • Do you have a general question about your health?
  • Do you have medical complaints but have not received a diagnosis yet?
  • Have you received a diagnosis but want a second opinion?
  • Would you like to consult an international top-class specialist for a second opinion?
  • Do you have a medically complex problem and need objective and independent advice?

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Royal Doctors has been a renowned market leader in Europe for more than ten years.

How does Royal Doctors work?

We bring the best physicians in the world together to provide people who are uncertain about medical issues with the right diagnosis, treatment and care.


Every story is unique and every case is equally important to us.

Royal Doctors - Mama Thomas
(Thomas’ mother)

When my young son Thomas was diagnosed with a brain tumour our entire world collapsed. The doctors proposed starting radiation therapy immediately. Knowing that brain damage is one of the risks associated with this type of treatment, we decided to appeal to Royal Doctors for a second opinion. Royal Doctors arranged for a consultation at a renowned hospital in Germany. This hospital proposed proton therapy; a treatment that was not available in Belgium or the Netherlands at that time. We are so incredibly grateful that we were able to apply to Royal Doctors for help. Our son is now completely cured.

Marie Wesselinck (grandmother, 65 years old)

I had lost all confidence in the medical world. Royal Doctors analysed my medical situation and quickly brought me into contact with the right specialist. As a result, the right diagnosis could be made and a suitable treatment initiated. Thanks to Royal Doctors, I can now spend time with my grandchildren as energetically as before.

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