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Your personal guide in a complex medical world!

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Are you unsure about which specialist to go to with your medical problem? Do you have doubts about your diagnosis and proposed treatment? Are you unable to see any solution to your long-standing health problems?
Welcome to the Royal Doctors website: Your personal guide in a complex medical world!

First Opinion Consult: which specialist should you choose?

Your GP has diagnosed you with a medical problem and told you to see a specialist.
But how do you choose the right specialist?
And how do you avoid ending up on a long waiting list?
We can match you with the right specialist for your medical problem and ensure that you get a consultation within ten working days.

Second Opinion Service: is your diagnosis or treatment the right one?

You have received a serious diagnosis and are facing drastic treatment. Deep inside you still feel doubts. Is my diagnosis really correct? Are there other treatment options? If you want to be 200% sure, ask for a second opinion.

Complex Care Solutions: tried everything, but nothing seems to work?

You have already undergone countless treatments, but nothing has helped. You increasingly have the sense that you’re a medical write-off. But is that really true?
Our experienced doctors will examine every aspect of your case and determine what options are available to you.