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Royal Doctors is an independent second opinion organisation.

It works with 250 carefully selected specialists. 

Our approach is unique because the patient does not have to travel to see the doctor.

Years of experience have shown that this approach works best.

  • More certainty about the diagnosis.
  • More certainty about the proposed treatment
  • Provision of additional treatment options
  • Prevention of unnecessary treatments
  • Peace of mind and confidence

All health conditions are eligible for a second opinion at Royal Doctors. 

The most common medical fields concerned are:

  • Oncology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Urology
  • Gynaecology
  • Eye diseases
  • Dermatology


Royal Doctors will, subject to your written consent, request your medical information from your attending physicians.

Royal Doctors has extensive experience in this area and ensures that you need to deal with as little administrative work as possible.

A second opinion is good for the relationship of trust with your own doctor, provided it is obtained in a fully transparent manner.

Doctors usually have a positive attitude towards a second opinion that is independent and transparent. Under these conditions, the partnership between patient and doctor will be strengthened.

A second opinion report from Royal Doctors consists of three parts:

• The second opinion doctor starts by presenting a factual and medical summary of the situation, on the basis of a thorough analysis of the medical file.

• The doctor then discusses the questions that you as a patient can ask in advance. The answers to your personal questions are written in comprehensible language.

• Finally, the doctor states his or her medical opinion, based on the information provided from the medical file and on the information that you as a patient provide. This is the actual second opinion. The doctor ends his or her second opinion with a series of concrete actions that you could take or that your attending physician could integrate into his or her treatment plan.

Royal Doctors never communicates the second opinion report directly to your own doctor.

Royal Doctors strongly encourages transparency concerning the seeking of a second opinion. You will receive the written second opinion report in triplicate. As well as the copy for yourself, there is a copy for the general practitioner and for your own doctor. We advise you to discuss this report with your general practitioner and/or your own doctor.

Yes, that is possible, but it is important for the second opinion report to be clear and for all questions to have been answered. Royal Doctors therefore strongly recommends that you go through the report with your general practitioner and discuss it with the attending physician.


Emails are answered by the next working day.

Once Royal Doctors has received your personal questionnaire and your medical file, we guarantee that you will receive your second opinion report within 10 days.

Yes, you can request a second opinion from Royal Doctors at any time, even if your treatment has already started.

Royal Doctors has an accreditation programme in which we not only look at the doctor’s qualifications, but also conduct an analysis of specialisations, communication skills, independence, refresher courses, reputation, studies, data, and patient satisfaction. This screening is very thorough.
Royal Doctors holds an annual meeting with its doctors to discuss mutual feedback. This way, you can be
100% confident that our advice is objective and completely independent.

Royal Doctors will not share medical information with your employer/ insurer in any way.


The initiative of seeking a second opinion always lies with the patient.

1. Independent organisation.

2. Access to an international network of specialist doctors.

3. Second opinion report within 10 days.

4. Personal approach to your medical situation.

5. Clear answers to your questions.

6. Time-saving.

7. Cost-saving.

8. Financial transparency/no hidden costs.

9. Over 20 years of experience.

10. Peace of mind.

Royal Doctors collects your medical data in order to be able to supply appropriate medical content in answer to your questions to Royal Doctors.
We only process the information provided by you and/or in the files requested from your attending physician with your consent.

We do not keep your medical data any longer than is necessary, and for a maximum of three calendar years, after which we ensure that they are carefully destroyed.
If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact your case manager.

The second opinion reports constitute ‘advice and options’ about your current diagnosis and/or proposed treatment plan or treatment. Our specialists do not make remote diagnoses or prescribe treatment.
Our experts evaluate your medical data in an independent way and give their professional opinion.

The second opinion report can only really be put into practice if you discuss it in person with your attending physician and if it is included as part of your ongoing treatment.

In the end, your own doctor will decide, together with you, whether the advice and options become part of your treatment.

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