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Royal Doctors, your best guarantee for medical peace of mind!

Your health is of vital importance to you, in every phase of your life! But what if you are unexpectedly faced with a medical condition, or receive a diagnosis that turns your entire world upside down?

Your experienced guide in a complex medical world

Royal Doctors acts as a personal guide between you, as a patient, and the physician and is there for you when you need this service most. As a member, you will have unlimited access to the best healthcare, with only a short waiting time. We have helped more than 60,000 people since we were founded.Thanks to our health insurance, we are usually adequately protected financially. But who will guide you through the medical tangle of 1001 specialisations and physicians?Would you like to receive medical assistance quickly and efficiently in the event that you become ill? Become a member of Royal Doctors.

Royal Doctors

Your health is our priority

Imagine that you are ill or injured and are looking for the specialist who is best suited to your personal situation. Someone who understands what is the matter with you and can help you. Or what if you have received a diagnosis and are looking for a physician who can act as a sounding board by giving you a second opinion. You want clarity; someone to help you make the right decisions.

The fastest route to the right doctor

With a network of more than 1000 screened physicians, each of whom is a specialist in his or her field, Royal Doctors is your experienced guide in a complex medical world. Royal Doctors will listen to you, ask you the right questions, analyse your medical files and subsequently make an assessment of your situation. Royal Doctors will select the specialist who is best suited to you and will ensure, in consultation with you, that you have an appointment with this doctor within six working days.


Want to know more about how Royal Doctors can help you?

  • Access to the best physicians

  • Short waiting times: be assured of an appointment with a specialist within 6 working days

  • Personalised and tailored to your situation

  • Satisfaction rate of 98.6%

Thanks to Royal Doctors, I can now spend time with my grandchildren as energetically as before.

I had lost all confidence in the medical world. Royal Doctors analysed my medical situation and quickly brought me into contact with the right specialist. As a result, the right diagnosis could be made and a suitable treatment initiated. Thanks to Royal Doctors, I can now spend time with my grandchildren as energetically as before.

Marie Wesselinck (grandmother, 65 years old)

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